2015 Nonprofit Report - Creative State Michigan

For the past three years, Creative Many Michigan’s Creative State Michigan reports have made an undeniable case for how Michigan’s arts, culture and creativity are contributing richly to Michigan, its people, communities and economic opportunities.

This year, we are proud to release our 2015 Creative State Michigan nonprofit report – the fourth edition in this series – which continues to demonstrate the incredible impact Michigan’s nonprofit arts and cultural organizations bring to our state’s economy, the vibrancy of our communities, education of our children and audiences of all ages. The results continue to prove that nonprofit arts and cultural organizations are a vital component of Michigan’s competitive advantage and resurgence, contributing more than one-half billion dollars in expenditures alone to Michigan’s economy in FY 2012!

Michigan’s Nonprofit Arts and Cultural Sector

  • In 2012, the nonprofit arts and cultural sector contributed nearly $596 million in total expenditures, with nearly $200 million supporting 25,900 jobs and nearly $2.5 billion generated toward state tourism revenues. 
  • This report was compiled utilizing FY 2012 CDP data from 407 nonprofit organizations; these results represent only 18 percent of the more than 2,000 arts and cultural groups operating in Michigan.
  • Organizations across the state brought cultural learning experiences to nearly 3 million schoolchildren and offered 68% of more than 25 million visits free to the public – benefiting audiences of all ages. The number of people who attended Michigan nonprofit arts and cultural events and venues in Fiscal Year 2012 would sell out Comerica Park 618 times! 
  • From 2007 to 2012, the number of arts-related jobs increased by 15 percent to 85,656 jobs in Michigan, while arts-related businesses increased by 65 percent to 28,072. From 2010-2012 alone, arts-related jobs increased by 15.3 percent, while arts-related businesses increased by 35.3 percent.

These are just the highlights of the 2015 Creative State MI nonprofit report which has been made possible this year through the leadership and generous support of Creative Many Michigan, Community Foundation for Southeast Michigan, Irving S. Gilmore Foundation, Kresge Foundation, MASCO Corporation Foundation, and the Michigan Council for Arts and Cultural Affairs.

Michigan’s Creative Industries a Growth Opportunity 
Last year, we introduced a new report on Michigan’s creative industries which expanded our data and continued to prove the creative sector is a vital component of Michigan’s competitive advantage and resurgence, contributing billions of dollars to the economy statewide. Through this groundbreaking research, we were able to establish a baseline for defining and assessing the impact of Michigan’s creative jobs and businesses. Following the tremendous response from this report, Creative Many is pleased to share that we’ve been awarded a grant from the US Economic Development Administration to do more extensive research and reporting on the creative and design industries in Michigan. This project is being done in 2015 with generous support from our partners the Michigan Economic Development Corporation, MASCO Corporation Foundation, Kresge Foundation, Detroit Creative Corridor Center and Prima Civitas.

Learn more about Creative State Michigan and the contributions of the arts, culture, arts education, and the creative and design industries to our state. Together with you, we are eager to share the next steps of these projects and we are ready to put this research to work to build awareness and grow support for polices and investment that impact the entire creative sector. Get more information and download copies of the reports:  

Thanks to Creative State Michigan, Creative Many and its advocates were well positioned to work with Governor Synder and the Legislature to secure $10.15 million in state arts and cultural funding for FY 2016.

As a supporter of the arts, please share this information freely and widely to your online networks, especially with the hashtag #CreativeStateMI.  

And be on the lookout for regular updates regarding Creative State Michigan and additional Creative Many Michigan news and programming.

Together we are Creative State Michigan!


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