Is Ann Arbor affordable? Nope. (And that's official.)

The Landmark development in downtown Ann ArborThe question has been posed for some time. Area residents have brought it up. Local and regional media have been talking about it. We've asked, multiple times, actually. And now we finally have a quantifiable, research-based answer: No. The middle class cannot afford to live in Ann Arbor. 

Affordable housing has been a hot topic lately, so the timing of Washtenaw County's Affordable Housing Needs Assessment, the final report for which is due out by year's end, couldn't be more appropriate. Though many details, including policy recommendations for elected officials, won't be released until the report is available, the broadest, early findings are notable: Ann Arbor and Pittsfield Twp. need to add 3,137 non-student, affordable housing by units over the next 20 years, just to get caught up with demand. It's in the nuances of the study, however, where things start to get into inconvenient truth territory.  

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