CDBG Certified Grant Administrator Training

After the success of CDBG Certified Grant Administrator Training last year, the MEDC is planning another round of training in June 2015. To register, please click here.

The training will provide an overview of federal and state statutory and regulatory requirements that are required for successful implementation and completion of CDBG projects. A guidebook and reference materials will be supplied. The training will consist of class exercises in each module where applicable. An examination will be conducted at the end of the workshop. Passing the examination is required for certificiation.

Once certified, consultant names will be provided to all applicants seeking CDBG funding from the MEDC. Those communities will be eligible for administrative cost reimbursement, if they select a certified consultant and follow appropriate procurement. Please note that administrative dollars are still not available for employees of the grantee, unless they have a contract outlining their specific duties.

The list of Certified Administrators from 2014 training can be referenced here


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