Farmer's Market/Kerrytown

Detroit Street & North Fifth Avenue

Why It Works

There is little contrived about this angled avenue amidst the grid of streets that surround it. It has stood up well through the test of time. From the simple pitched roof that extends parallel yet juxtaposed to the adjacent Detroit Street, it is open sided allowing any and all to enter and exit at their whim. It is a locale where merchants & farmers alike going far back into the town's history congregated to meet and greet. The accompanying buildings around have scaled their development to more complement rather than offend this social spacial setting. It is trully a jewel within the city's urban context.

What Makes Farmer's Market/Kerrytown a Great Place?

Access & Linkages The neighboring streets have joined in rather than turned away from the interaction fostered by this place's space. Kerrytown shopping reacted by capturing the resemblance of the market with small shops within that would invite in as easily as reflect out to connect to the outdoor activity. Even the tranformation of retail tastes has not lessend the interest of this two story structure. The angled street parking further responds to its pedestian nature. 

Comfort & Image With the attraction of a nationally celebrated deli, a local coffee shop and the smaller variety of stores and restaurants that surround the Market, the Kerrytown district though small, packs quite a wallop on Saturday mornings. It is safe and very inhabitable area in which the local folk and tourists can mix to sit, shop, eat or drink. 

Uses & Activites The activity is by and large sporadic. It has its peaks and valleys when it come to activities. It is more alligned with weekend commerce. Perhaps it is in many ways underutilized for what could be more purposes of involvement for varying age groups. It is in its true glory when the Farmer's Market is engaged in what it does best. Everything else around it shines more so. 

Sociability It is thoroughly appreciated but it is not a source of community companionship like so many urban city parks or plazas are for the very young or quite old. Games of one kind or another are not held there but some efforts have been attempted to institute organized events aside from its original intended attraction. 

History & Background

This is a place directed with more of a commercial overtone due to the association of businesses both permanent and temporary that share this place in order to benefit from one another. When it is busy it is usually very busy. When it is quiet it can be very quiet. It is however a hub to the city's days when celebrating Midwestern traditions are in order.

- Greg Conlin