Detroit Success Stories: Midtown Detroit neighborhoods

Among the many affordable housing developments that MSHDA has helped to create are several upscale Midtown Detroit neighborhoods that are attracting both people of talent and visionary employers. Willy’s Overland, on W. Willis Street, once made 360,000 Jeeps for WWII. Now it’s home to newly converted lofts that went on sale in 2009 and offer a variety of housing options, from lofts with 15-ft. ceilings and a private courtyard to 2,000-sq.-ft. condos with exposed brick walls, concrete martini support columns, and sweeping southern views of the Detroit skyline.

How about a two-story loft with a dramatic terrace overlooking downtown? The converted lofts of Willy’s Overland are examples of how imaginative developers are reinventing Detroit, making it a place where people want to enjoy the advantages of an urban lifestyle.