A place of large and small

Detroit is a place of large and small: there are great resilient places that have been here essentially forever and smaller flexible places that are presently helping redefine the city. In Detroit, individuals can create placemaking spaces that reflect their passions and personalities alongside more established places. For example, right next to the Detroit Institute of Arts, there are close to ten independently owned businesses in the historic Park Shelton building: Leopold’s Books, Good Girls go to Paris Crepes, The Peacock Room, and Goods, just to name a few. Whereas in other cities these businesses may be crowded out by larger chains, an opportunity exists to define the Detroit version of a variety of goods and services businesses.

Detroit is also a place of genuine relationships. There is seemingly endless personal and professional support for nascent community-building businesses and ideas. 

Even among theoretically competing businesses, an atmosphere of camaraderie and cooperation exists. Need assistance with your accounting , drafting a contract, getting a permit, finding an electrician? Just offer to buy someone a cup of coffee at Astro Coffee, a sandwich at Mudgie’s Deli, or a slice of pie at Supino Pizzeria, and you will likely have an hour with one of the cheapest, yet most qualified business consultants you could ever imagine.  

– Ben Newman Owner, Detroit Institute of Bagels
Ben holds a master's degree in urban planning and started his independent bagel business under Michigan's Cottage Food Law to supply Detroiters with fresh bagels.