Land Policy Institute releases Placemaking Assessment Tool

The MSU Land Policy Institute has released a Placemaking Assessment Tool (PAT) that will continue to help communities develop quality places that are attractive and functional in Michigan. This tool is a deliverable from LPI in partnership with the Michigan State Housing Development Authority. The purpose of placemaking is to create quality places where people want to live, work, play, learn and visit. Effective placemaking creates or restores a higher quality living environment in key parts of a community through urban development or redevelopment and provides a wider range of living, transportation, entertainment, recreation and related options to existing and new residents in (and visitors to) communities.

The tool was created for use by planners, local governments, elected officials, neighborhood associations, civic organizations, consultants, etc.

Placemaking involves government, the business community, stakeholders and citizens. The interplay of all these participants along with the PAT will help guide communities to create quality places across Michigan. 


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