Lansing is listed as the #4 Best Affordable Place to Live!

It’s a good thing residents of Lansing, MI, save money on housing, groceries and other living expenses because this city offers a wealth of entertainment options. Luckily, there’s great value to be found in the many things to do in Lansing, the fourth city on our list of the Best Affordable Places to Live.

The cost of living in Lansing is 8 percent below the national average, according to The Council of Community and Economic Research. With a median home value of $85,000, houses in Lansing are nearly 33 percent below what they are in most major cities. Residents also enjoy low transportation costs, typically spending less than 18 percent of their monthly salaries on car payments and gas. Living in Michigan also brings the advantage of having a flat-rate individual income tax of 4.33 percent.

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