LPI Outreach - Placemaking Curriculum Program Receives MSU CNRDA Award

http://ih.constantcontact.com/fs143/1102126637944/img/282.jpgOn Tuesday, November 4, 2014, the developers of the Michigan Placemaking Curriculum were honored with the Innovative Program Award at a special meeting during the MSU Extension annual conference. The award was presented by the MSU Community and Natural Resources Development Association (CNRDA) for an outstanding community economic development and natural resources program conducted by one or more CNRDA members from MSU Extension who have been alert in recognizing new concerns and interests of communities and have involved others in planning and implementing programs that address those new issues. This award recognizes superior evidence of innovative outreach methods to design, implement, deliver and evaluate exemplary Extension programs.

The Placemaking Curriculum program was developed under contract to the Michigan State Housing Development Authority (MSHDA) through a grant to the MSU Land Policy Institute. Team members include Mark Wyckoff, MSU Extension Specialist, Senior Associate Director of the MSU Land Policy Institute and Director of the Planning & Zoning Center at MSU; and MSU Extension Educators Glenn Pape, Kurt Schindler, Brad Neumann, Julie Pioch, Dean Solomon and Richard Wooten.

The comprehensive Curriculum program, part of the MIplace Partnership Initiative, was developed for local officials, community organizations, professionals in real estate, economics and planning, as well as interested citizens. It consists of six modules with 36 hours of instruction and hands-on activities for participants. The program covers the important role of placemaking as an economic development strategy in the 21st century and recognizes that a community's best option for retaining and attracting talented workers is to engage in coordinated placemaking. More than 11,000 people have completed one or more parts of this training program.

Future Curriculum-Related Projects

A series of Placemaking Strategy Development Workshops based on Curriculum content will be conducted across the state in 2015. The workshops will cover the fundamentals of placemaking and include a facilitated process to arrive at a prioritized list of Strategic Placemaking projects that can be implemented quickly. The Workshop series is being developed specifically for Michigan communities, state agency staff and partnering organizations.

The Michigan Placemaking Curriculum is also being turned into a Guidebook at the request of MSHDA with an anticipated release in Spring 2015. It will serve as a resource for Michigan communities and will be available for sale to other states.

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