LPI Releases Study of Placemaking Views and Values of 11 Midwest Cities

A report detailing the views and values of placemaking in Michigan, the Midwest and the Nation is now available from the MSU Land Policy Institute (LPI). Rebuilding Prosperous Places in Michigan brings together much of the findings from various studies on place-based development and digs even deeper into issues of demand and value. This is the second study that LPI has conducted as part of the "Rebuilding Prosperous Places" initiative. The first study was release in 2012, entitled Building Prosperous Places in Michigan.

This latest report addressed two major questions related to placemaking:

  1. How do citizens view placemaking, both in terms of what value it has for their communities, and what types of "place amenities" they like to have within their neighborhoods?
  2. What economic value does place-based development derive in a neighborhood, as measured by the change in housing prices in places that boast such characteristics as walkability, access to green space and mixed-use developments?

Full Report
Summary Report


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