A Special Message from Governor Rick Snyder

Community Development and Local Government Reforms
It is clear that we need to look beyond our own immediate township, city and county boundaries in order to build a stronger Michigan. We need to look beyond the dividing lines of yesterday to build dynamic communities that will foster job growth and attract world-class talent.

In order to make this a reality, local officials need the tools to share services and merge operations when they believe it makes sense. In many cases communities can pool resources and allow for consolidation to take place without sacrificing the level of service. But in order to do so we need to remember that in today’s economy our communities are intertwined in more ways than we realize. It’s time to leverage this concept to our advantage by insisting on best practices at all levels of government.

I ask the people of Michigan to be open to the idea of sharing critical services and embrace the concept of regionalism so that we can successfully confront the economic challenges facing us today.

Michigan needs to become a place where our children – and theirs – can live, work, play and prosper. State government can enable and encourage, but communities themselves must lead the way.

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